Auto Liability

The attorneys and staff of Touchstone, Bernays have extensive experience in handling the multitude of auto accidents that occur on our Texas highways and roads.  From major multi-vehicle collisions, involving  fatalities  or serious catastrophic  injuries,  to minor low impact collisions resulting  in alleged soft tissue injuries, our attorneys and staff have the experience and expertise to effectively and efficiently evaluate and defend these claims. We have worked with many highly qualified and respected  medical  experts  in  the  field  of personal  injury  as  well  as  experts  in  the  accident reconstruction area, both of whom can play a major role in these cases. Our attorneys and staff have also gathered a wealth of prior deposition testimony and prior reports from many of the medical experts and reconstruction accident experts typically used by the other side, and know how to use this valuable information to cross-examine such experts.  Last, but not least, Touchstone attorneys know how and when to maximize settlement opportunities so as not to waste the resources of the client or carrier on cases that need to be settled rather than tried to a jury.

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