About Us

Touchstone Bernays was established by Lucian Touchstone, a legend among Texas lawyers, in 1946.  His commitment at that time was to provide the highest quality representation in litigation matters, and he succeeded. The longevity of our firm proves that our lawyers have always had, and still have, this commitment.

Because we represent companies and individuals of all types and backgrounds, in many different types of cases, we have had to necessarily develop an ability to embrace innovation in our decision making, technique and presentation.  If you have a unique problem, it is likely that it is not unique to Touchstone, Bernays, and it is certain that we can advise you of an appropriate course of action.

An absolute core value of our firm is that our lawyers exercise complete and unquestioned integrity in all that we do—in our contacts with clients, litigants, courts, experts, juries, and the public.   You can absolutely count on Touchstone Bernays to act in an honest and fair manner with regard to any matter with which we are entrusted.

Our lawyers have the knowledge necessary to properly handle your litigation problem.   They know the law, and how it should be applied.  They also know the judges and other court personnel in the areas in which we practice, and know the proper experts and other support professionals needed to handle your litigation matters.  They know the way that juries think in Texas, and how to approach them with your fact situation.

The lawyers currently at Touchstone Bernays have handled thousands of cases, and have tried many hundreds of cases to verdict in the State and Federal Courts in Texas.  They have the experience necessary to properly evaluate your problem or situation, and to properly advise you on the course of action most likely to lead to a favorable result.

Touchstone Bernays still treats the practice of law as a profession, and our lawyers are accordingly committed to handling your case in a professional and proper manner.  They have the dedication that it takes to see your litigation matter through to the best result possible under the facts and law applicable to the case.

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