Employment Practices

Touchstone Bernays handles a wide variety of employment related issues, including defending employers in discrimination, wrongful termination, and ADA cases.  We also routinely advise and consult with employers prior to claims or suits, and assist in developing and implementing appropriate  policies  and procedures.  Our attorneys and staff have a working knowledge of the numerous federal and state statutes and regulations which impact these claims and how best to use those statutes and regulations  for the benefit of the client.  Touchstone  attorneys and staff are familiar with the various administrative agencies, both at the federal and state level, which play an important role in pre-suit investigation and initial determination of the merits of these claims.  We also recognize the importance of investigating and analyzing these claims early on and making strategic decisions in order to maximize and optimize any settlement opportunities.  These claims can  be dangerous  and expensive  to litigate  and you need good, solid  advice and experienced attorneys to successfully defend or minimize these claims. That is exactly what the Touchstone team can do for you.

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