Trucking Liability

The Touchstone firm has extensive experience and a successful history of handling property damage and catastrophic personal injury claims involving the trucking industry. The trucking industry, due to the nature of frequent long-distance travel can be dangerous. As a member of the Trucking Industry Defense Association, Touchstone Bernays’ attorneys work with both national and regional trucking lines. The firm is sensitive to the stringent requirements placed on the trucking industry and has extensive experience with both interstate and intrastate operators. Due to Department of Transportation requirements and the fact that the trucking industry presents the largest target on U.S. highways for plaintiffs attorneys, it is important to have defense counsel with the background and ability to efficiently evaluate a case, conduct discovery and quickly formulate a plan of action that will effectuate a prompt resolution. With trucking, there are lots of requirements that need to be fulfilled by either the fleet manager or the individual truck owner. Certain requirements might be to get a DOT inspection annually, or to regularly keep on top of the truck’s overall maintenance. Failing to do so could have serious implications. Touchstone lawyers have successfully defended clients in cases ranging from minor collisions to head-on truck accidents with multiple fatalities. Our attorneys and staff have a working knowledge of the numerous state and federal statutes and regulations that govern the trucking industry and know how to argue potential violations of those statutes and regulations as not being the cause of the accident. Our attorneys and staff also know the important role reconstruction accident experts play in these cases and have a working relationship with some of the best, most qualified, and well-respected experts in this industry. With increasing government controls and highways full of potential claimants, Touchstone lawyers have the ability and desire to keep its clients on the road.

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