Oil Field Accidents

Touchstone is a Texas firm, and Texas means OIL! As you are likely aware, the oil and gas industry is experiencing a boom in exploration, drilling and recovery all over Texas.  As an unfortunate by-product of this activity there has been an increase in the number of accidents involving oil field personnel and equipment, not just on the rigs involved, but in all of the service industries related to oil and gas exploration and recovery.

The lawyers at Touchstone Bernays have the expertise, through years of involvement in oil field related cases, to investigate, analyze and defend claims made related to oil field accidents and injuries.  They are well familiar with the procedures involved and the associated risk to property and persons alike.  If your company or insured is involved in drilling and/or servicing the oil field, you need a law firm that knows the oil field, as well as the courtroom.  Touchstone Bernays is that firm. 

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