Government & Municipal Liability

Touchstone Bernays has extensive experience in representing governmental entities and municipalities in personal injury suits and other tort liability cases.  Our attorneys are well versed in all aspects of potential governmental liability, the defenses available, and the protection afforded under the Texas Tort Claims Act and Federal Tort Claims Act.  We have a working knowledge of the local government codes and other regulations which impact these claims. From premises liability to police chase accidents, from jail conditions to prisoner suicides, our attorneys and staff know how to effectively and efficiently defend these cases.   An early and thorough investigation and early attorney involvement is essential in successfully defending these claims as well as knowing when an expert is needed and choosing  the right expert.  Touchstone attorneys know how to guide the client through these issues and know how to communicate with the various decision-makers for these claims, whether it be a city council, risk manager, mayor, or commissioner’s court.


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