Construction Defects

The attorneys and staff at Touchstone Bernays are highly trained and experienced in handling construction defect claims. We have represented all sides in these disputes, including owners, developers, architects, engineers, general contractors and subcontractors. There is simply no substitute for investigating these claims as early as possible and involving qualified and respected experts to evaluate these claims.  Early attorney involvement is essential to direct the investigation and help protect  privileged information, as well as avoid spoliation of evidence claims.  Our attorneys are well versed in strategic decision-making on these claims in order to place the client in the best possible position to try the case to a jury or present it to an arbitration panel, or maximize the settlement opportunities along the way.  Touchstone attorneys have a working knowledge of indemnity and additional insured issues in these cases as well as the numerous other contractual issues and defenses.  These cases can be highly complex and expert intensive, as well as expensive, and our attorneys and staff know how to navigate the issues and achieve the maximum results for the client at the most reasonable price.

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