Products Liability

Touchstone  attorneys have handled a variety of products liability matters in the state and federal courts throughout Texas. Our lawyers handle cases involving construction equipment, home-use products, and agricultural products, such as pneumatic tools, cattle trailers, space heaters, area fans, industrial seating, tractors, grain augers, water heaters, spa equipment, field sprayers, trim presses and other manufacturing equipment, power boats, and packaging material.  While the above list is not exhaustive, it does indicate the broad range of experience within the firm in defending product liability matters.  Our lawyers stand ready to provide assistance in such cases, and to present to a jury, in the most favorable light possible, your company and products.   We have found that our aggressive  preparation of such cases in an efficient and effective manner encourages claimants to often resolve  these cases, via settlement,  on terms favorable  to the client. Our attorneys  also recognize the importance of retaining the right experts as these cases are usually expert-intensive. Our attorneys  and staff have worked with many respected and qualified experts in the product liability area.  We are likewise sensitive to the huge economic impact any finding of a design or marketing defect can have on a client, and the many factors at play in deciding whether to try or settle a case and the necessity of keeping any settlements confidential.  You will receive solid, sound advice and representation from Touchstone attorneys in these product liability cases.

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