Jury finds no negligence on part of Defendants; Plaintiffs had demanded $5 million prior to trial

Partners R. Wayne Gordon and Darrell W. Calvin, Jr. recently tried a wrongful death suit in Hill County, Texas, lasting over a week in which a jury verdict was returned finding no negligence on the part of their clients Prestige Wine Cellars, Inc. and Nicolas Carrillo. Carrillo was driving a refrigerated box truck for Prestige, a Texas based wine distributor, in June of 2006 outside of Hillsboro, Texas, on Interstate 35 when he was involved in a fatality automobile collision after being confronted with a stalled car on the interstate. The Plaintiffs were the surviving husband and four adult sons of the deceased driver of the stalled car. The deceased driver’s sister was a passenger in the car and survived the collision, and was making a bystander claim and claims for physical injuries sustained in the accident. The Plaintiffs demanded $5 million dollars before trial and never came below a demand of $2 million during trial. The jury returned with a finding of no negligence on the part of either Defendant.

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