During a four day jury trial in February 2014, Partner Bart Ridley and Associate Heather Bocell convinced a jury in Parker County, Texas that multiple large cans of soup that were allegedly stacked improperly and fell from the top shelf of a grocery store display striking a customer were not due to the negligence of the store.  The plaintiff customer alleged that the cans struck her head and body resulting in serious life altering injuries, including a traumatic brain injury, and prevented her from continuing her employment as a waitress and ultimately caused the loss of her home.  The plaintiff underwent shoulder surgery, and neck surgery following the incident, and claimed that future back surgery and ongoing treatment from a neurologist would also be necessary.  The plaintiff also alleged that her spinal injuries caused her to suffer permanent and irreversible urinary incontinence, and in addition to her significant medical expenses incurred, asked the jury to award significant damages for mental anguish, and physical pain and suffering. The grocery store was cleared of all liability.  

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