Touchstone partner, Mike Tanner, and associates, Matt Foust and Amie Fordan, vigorously defended and successfully obtained a very favorable settlement on behalf of the client in a case involving a 13-year old girl who was seriously injured while operating an ATV on the client’s rural property in Bowie County.  The young girl ran the ATV into a ravine and plaintiff alleged the ravine was hidden by overgrown grass and vegetation in the premises liability case.  Plaintiff suffered a severe injury to a major artery in her leg which resulted in the leg having to be amputated.  Plaintiff had past medicals of $140,000.  Tanner, Foust, and Fordan prepared and filed a strong motion for summary judgment based on the status of plaintiff as a trespasser on the property.  Prior to the hearing on the summary judgment, Plaintiff, rather than risk the motion being granted, elected to settle the case for a low five figure amount.

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